Our services

We can support you

in various areas

‣ Advice and incorporation of Luxembourg and foreign companies (assistance regarding the corporate purpose, review articles of association, relationships with public notary, banking relationships).
‣ Assistance for business licence and registration.
‣ Legal and administrative management.
‣ Directorships.
‣ Advice on structuration regarding your company.
‣ Dissolution, liquidation (liquidator mandate, ”commissaire vérificateur”).

‣ Book-keeping (monhtly, quaterly or annual).
‣ Financial statements, filing financial statements (Trade & Companies Register/eCDF).
‣ Statutory auditors mandate.
‣ Tax advices for companies and private individuals.
‣ Corporate Tax returns.
‣ Personal Tax returns.
‣ VAT tax returns (periodic and annual).

‣ Payroll management and social secretary.
‣ Employment agreement.
‣ Etablishment of salary payslips and payment.
‣ Monthly transmission of the payrolls to the social security.
‣ Administrative formalities in relation with Social security and tax authorities.
‣ Drawing of payroll certificats.
‣ Managing of tax cards.
‣ Employees vacations management.
‣ Advice and assitance for recruitment.

‣ Support and advice regarding FATCA/CRS forms.
‣ Audit and/or seminar regarding the anti money laundering and financing terrorism law.